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Zener Diodes Wholesale Trader of Zener Diode - Diotec Diode, 1 Watt Zener Diodes (DO-41), 5 Watt Zener Diode (1N53 Series) and Zener Diodes SOT-23 offered by Diode House, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Diotec Diode Wholesale Dealers of Diotec Diode - Diotec Diode offered by Diode House, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor Wholesale Trader of Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor, offered by Diode House from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Zener Diodes SOT-23 ZENER DIODES SOT-23 SMD PLASTIC PACKAGE P=350mW Iz=5mA FOR ALL ZENERS IN THE SOT-23 SERIES 2V7 TO 39V BZX84C-2V4 BZX84C-2V7 BZX84C-3V0 BZX84C-3V3 BZX84C-3V6 BZX84C-3V9 BZX84C-4V3 BZX84C-4V7 BZX84C-5V1 BZX84C-5V6 BZX84C-6V2 BZX84C-6V8 BZX84C-7V5 BZX84C-8V2 BZX84C-9V1 BZX84C-10V BZX84C-11V BZX84C-12V BZX84C-13V BZX84C-15V BZX84C-16V BZX84C-18V BZX84C-20V BZX84C-22V BZX84C-24V BZX84C-27V BZX84C-30V BZX84C-33V BZX84C-36V BZX84C-39V
Wholesaler of Electrolytic Capacitor offered by diode house, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Metal Film Resistors Diode House - offering Metal Film Resistor, Metal Film Resistor Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about our company and get our contact details and address.
P6KE Series Diode Vishay Goodark
1N4007 DO-41 Diode Goodark/CDIL/MIC/HORNBY/BL Galaxy
MUR460 Diode Goodark / Hornby / MIC