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'abs210 bridge diode'
Zener Diodes Wholesale Trader of Zener Diode - Diotec Diode, 1 Watt Zener Diodes (DO-41), 5 Watt Zener Diode (1N53 Series) and Zener Diodes SOT-23 offered by Diode House, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Diotec Diode Wholesale Dealers of Diotec Diode - Diotec Diode offered by Diode House, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Zener Diodes SOT-23 ZENER DIODES SOT-23 SMD PLASTIC PACKAGE P=350mW Iz=5mA FOR ALL ZENERS IN THE SOT-23 SERIES 2V7 TO 39V BZX84C-2V4 BZX84C-2V7 BZX84C-3V0 BZX84C-3V3 BZX84C-3V6 BZX84C-3V9 BZX84C-4V3 BZX84C-4V7 BZX84C-5V1 BZX84C-5V6 BZX84C-6V2 BZX84C-6V8 BZX84C-7V5 BZX84C-8V2 BZX84C-9V1 BZX84C-10V BZX84C-11V BZX84C-12V BZX84C-13V BZX84C-15V BZX84C-16V BZX84C-18V BZX84C-20V BZX84C-22V BZX84C-24V BZX84C-27V BZX84C-30V BZX84C-33V BZX84C-36V BZX84C-39V
Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor Wholesale Trader of Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor, offered by Diode House from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Wholesaler of Electrolytic Capacitor offered by diode house, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Metal Film Resistors Diode House - offering Metal Film Resistor, Metal Film Resistor Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about our company and get our contact details and address.
P6KE Series Diode Vishay Goodark
1N4007 DO-41 Diode Goodark/CDIL/MIC/HORNBY/BL Galaxy
MUR460 Diode Goodark / Hornby / MIC