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10V 500mW Zener Diode - C10V Zener 0.5 Watt DO-35 0.5 Watt 0.5W Zener Diode 10V Zener 10V0 Zener 500mW Zener C10V Zener 10V - 0.5W (500mW) Zener Diode - C10V Brand: STMicroelectronics / NXP / Nexperia / Goodark /CDIL / MIC STMicroelectronics Zener Diode Distributors In India Diode House
IRFB4110PbF Power MOSFET IRFB4110PbF Power MOSFET Features of IRFB4110PbF Power MOSFET Improved Gate, Avalanche and Dynamic dv/dt Ruggedness Fully Characterized Capacitance and Avalanche SOA Enhanced body diode dV/dt and dI/dt Capability Lead Free RoHS Compliant, Halogen-Free ID @ TC = 25°C Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V 180 A ID @ TC = 100°C Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V 130 A ID @ TC = 25°C Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V 120 A IDM Pulsed Drain Current 670 A PD @TC = 25°C Maximum Power Dissipation 370 W Linear Derating Factor 2.5 W/°C VGS Gate-to-Source Voltage -+20 V dv/dt Peak Diode Recovery 5.3 V/ns Applications of IRFB4110PbF Power MOSFET High Efficiency Synchronous Rectification inc Uninterruptible Power Supply High Speed Power Switching Hard Switched and High Frequency Circuits Offered by Diode House
10V 1W Zener Diode - 1N4740A DO41 10V 1Watt Zener Diode. Zener voltage tolerance is ±5%. Brand: Nexperia / Goodark / NXP
ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR 220UF, 10V, THT, Ф6.3X12MM Electrolytic Capacitor with voltage 10 V, capacitance 220 uF and dimensions Ф6.3 x 12 mm. Electrolytic capacitor voltage rating - 10 V; capacitance - 220 uF; operating temperature - 105 °C; capacitance tolerance - ±20 %; dimensions - Ф6.3 x 12 mm. Sancon Electrolytic Capacitor Distributors In India Diode House
Keltron Electrolytic Capacitors Product Details: Application Air conditioner/Motor, Audio, Power, HT, Fan Capacitance 0.1MFD to 4700MFD Capacitor Size 18*45 Voltage Rating 10V to 450V Please fined the PDF File List with Price list. If you have any question contact to me please.
Zener Diodes SOT-23 ZENER DIODES SOT-23 SMD PLASTIC PACKAGE P=350mW Iz=5mA FOR ALL ZENERS IN THE SOT-23 SERIES 2V7 TO 39V BZX84C-2V4 BZX84C-2V7 BZX84C-3V0 BZX84C-3V3 BZX84C-3V6 BZX84C-3V9 BZX84C-4V3 BZX84C-4V7 BZX84C-5V1 BZX84C-5V6 BZX84C-6V2 BZX84C-6V8 BZX84C-7V5 BZX84C-8V2 BZX84C-9V1 BZX84C-10V BZX84C-11V BZX84C-12V BZX84C-13V BZX84C-15V BZX84C-16V BZX84C-18V BZX84C-20V BZX84C-22V BZX84C-24V BZX84C-27V BZX84C-30V BZX84C-33V BZX84C-36V BZX84C-39V
154(0.15uF) 310V WEIDY CAPACITOR
2N60 2 Ampere 600Volts N-Channel POWER MOSFET The 2N60 is a high voltage MOSFET and is designed to have better characteristics, such as fast switching time, low gate charge, low on-state resistance and have a high rugged avalanche characteristics. This power MOSFET is usually used at high speed switching applications in power supplies, PWM motor controls, high efficient DC to DC converters and bridge circuits. FEATURES of 2N60 POWER MOSFET RDS(ON) = 3.8Ω at VGS = 10V. Ultra Low gate charge (typical 9.0nC) Low reverse transfer capacitance (Crss = typical 5.0 pF) Fast switching capability Avalanche energy specified Improved dv/dt capability, high ruggedness Offered by Diode House
Chip Capacitors with Various Capacitance Range Model Number: MLCC 1206 Key Specifications/Special Features: Size (in mm): L: 3.2±0.2 (0.126±0.008) W: 1.6±0.2 (0.063±0.008) T: 1.25 (0.049) maximumP: 0.5±0.2 (0.020±1.008) Material: NPO Capacitance Range: 100V: 1.0 to 4, 700pF 250V: 1.0 to 1, 800pF500V: 1.0 to 1, 800pF 630V: 1.0 to 1, 000pF 1KV: 1.0 to 120pF Material: X7R Capacitance Range: 16V: 330 to 10, 000, 000pF 25V: 330 to 330, 000pF 50V: 330 to 150, 000pF 100V: 100 to 150, 000pF250V: 100 to 100, 000pF 500V: 180 to 15, 000pF 630V: 180 to 6, 800pF 1KV: 100 to 2, 200 Material: Y5V Capacitance Range: 10V: 220, 000 to 10, 000, 000pF 16V: 220, 000 to 4, 700, 000pF 25V: 68, 000 to1, 000, 000pF50V: 1, 000 to 470, 000pF