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N-Channel MOSFET Applications: • Adaptor • LCD Panel Power Features: • Lead Free • Low ON Resistance • Low Gate Charge • Low Crss(typical 13pF) • Improved dv/dt capability Ordering Information ITP07N80A ITA07N80A VDSS RDS(ON) (Max.) ID 800V 1.6 : 7.0A D G D G S S TO-220 Not to Scale Absolute Maximum Ratings TC=25 oC unless otherwise specified TO-220F Not to Scale S Symbol Parameter ITP07N80A ITA07N80A Units VDSS Drain-to-Source Voltage (NOTE *1) 800 V ID Continuous Drain Current 7.0 7.0* A ID@ 100 oC Continuous Drain Current Figure 3 IDM Pulsed Drain Current, VGS@ 10V (NOTE *2) Figure 6 PD Power Dissipation 150 40 W Derating Factor above 25 oC 1.2 0.32 W/ oC VGS Gate-to-Source Voltage ± 30 V EAS Single Pulse Avalanche Engergy L=10 mH 130 mJ IAS Pulsed Avalanche Rating Figure 8 dv/dt Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt (NOTE *3) 5.0 V/ns TL TPKG Maximum Temperature for Soldering Leads at 0.063in (1.6mm) from Case for 10 seconds Package Body for 10 seconds 300 260 oC TJ and TSTG Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range -55 to 150 *Drain Current limited by Maximum Junction Temperature. Caution: Stresses greater than those listed in the “Absolute Maximum Ratings” Table may cause permanent damage to the device. Thermal Resistance Symbol Parameter ITP07N80A ITA07N80A Units Test Conditions RTJC Junction-to-Case 0.83 3.125 o C/W Water cooled heatsink, PD adjusted for a peak junction temperature of +150 oC. RTJA Junction-to-Ambient 62 100 1 cubic foot chamber, free air. InPower Semiconductor Co., Ltd

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